Why Does IE9 Installation Need Me To Close So Much Stuff?

We’re now supposed to believe that Internet Explorer is no longer baked into the Windows operating system.  So, why is it when I upgrade to IE9 via Windows Update, that it needs me to close so much stuff.  The list is incredible:

  • Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager
  • Google Chrome
  • GrooveMonitor Utility
  • iTunesHelper
  • Java Update Scheduler
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Security Client User Interface
  • Steam
  • Synaptics ToughPad Enhancements
  • TortoiseHgOverlayServer.exe
  • Windows Explorer
  • Windows host process (Rundll32)
  • Windows Live Messenger

How come Chrome can update itself without me having to close EVERYTHING I am doing?!

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