27 August 2010
So... I have a Blog

Rather than do anything outlandish for my first post, I thought I’d do what the majority of bloggers seem to do for their first post, and that’s write a post about why I’m blogging.  What, you don’t believe me? Here are a couple of examples:

ScottGu’s Blog

I sample a random selection of around ten blogs, and six of those had a first post about blogging.

Anyway, what are my reasons for writing this.  Well, a couple of things really. I think the main reason is so that I can look back in years to come and see what I was doing at the time.  I’m sure I’ll find that quite amusing.

The other reason is to help people.  I’m a software developer (mainly C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server), and I spend a fair bit of time searching for solutions to problems on the Internet.  The accuracy and legitimacy of what I find varies greatly, and sometimes I have to go to a few different places to get the full story.  When this happens, I want to write about it, so that others can see my post and gain something from it.  So, yes, this is going to be a mainly technical blog, but I will throw in a few bits and pieces of other stuff from time to time.

I’ll warn you all though, I’m not a great writer, so please forgive me for any clumsiness and the odd piece of rubbish that you’ll see posted here from time to time.